Tomari Iyumachi Fish Market in Naha Area

Tomari Iyumachi Fish Market Guide

Located in the Naha area of Okinawa, Okinawa, Japan, Tomari Iyumachi Fish Market is a must-visit destination for seafood lovers. The market is situated at approximately 26.2124° N, 127.6811° E.

What to Expect

Tomari Iyumachi Fish Market is an indoor market with a wide variety of fresh seafood on display. From tuna to squid to octopus, you'll find it all here. The market also has a number of restaurants that serve up delicious seafood dishes.

Exploring the Market

As you wander around the market, you'll see vendors selling all kinds of seafood. You can watch as they fillet fish and prepare squid for cooking. Many vendors offer samples of their products, so you can taste before you buy.


Tomari Iyumachi Fish Market has a number of restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes. Some popular options include:

  • Umanchu Market - This restaurant is known for its seafood bowls, which are filled with rice, sashimi, and other seafood toppings.
  • Yoramu Sushi - If you're looking for sushi, Yoramu Sushi is a great choice. The restaurant serves up a variety of sushi rolls and nigiri made with fresh fish from the market.
  • Chinumanma Market - This restaurant specializes in grilled seafood dishes, such as grilled squid and grilled fish.

Tips for Visiting

  • Visit early in the morning for the freshest seafood.
  • Bring cash, as many vendors and restaurants do not accept credit cards.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, as you'll be doing a lot of walking around the market.

Overall, Tomari Iyumachi Fish Market is a great place to experience the local seafood culture in Okinawa. With its wide variety of fresh seafood and delicious restaurants, it's a destination that seafood lovers won't want to miss.