Ujo Park in Kita Ward Area

Ujo Park: A Hidden Gem in Okayama

Located in the Kita Ward area of Okayama, Ujo Park is a beautiful and serene park that is a must-visit for nature lovers and anyone looking for a peaceful escape from the city. The park covers an area of 14.2 hectares and is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Getting There

Ujo Park is located at 5 Chome-4-1 Ujo, Kita Ward, Okayama, Japan. The park is easily accessible by public transportation, with the nearest train station being JR Okayama Station. From there, take the JR Uno Line to JR Ushimado Station, and then take a bus to Ujo Park.

Things to Do

Ujo Park has something for everyone, whether you are looking for a relaxing stroll, a picnic with family and friends, or a romantic date. Some of the park's highlights include:

  • Ujo Pond: The centerpiece of the park, Ujo Pond is a serene body of water that is home to a variety of fish and turtles. Visitors can rent rowboats and paddle around the pond.
  • Cherry Blossom Trees: Ujo Park is known for its beautiful cherry blossom trees, which bloom in the spring and attract crowds of visitors.
  • Walking Trails: The park has several walking trails that wind through the lush greenery and offer stunning views of the pond and surrounding hills.
  • Tea House: The park's tea house offers traditional Japanese tea and sweets, as well as a peaceful setting to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Practical Information

  • Admission to Ujo Park is free.
  • The park is open from 9am to 5pm, with extended hours during cherry blossom season.
  • There are several restrooms and drinking fountains throughout the park.
  • Visitors are encouraged to bring their own food and drinks for picnics.


Ujo Park is a hidden gem in Okayama that offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its beautiful pond, cherry blossom trees, and walking trails, the park is a must-visit for anyone traveling to the area. So pack a picnic, grab a friend, and head to Ujo Park for a day of relaxation and natural beauty.

Latitude: 34.7191° N

Longitude: 133.9386° E