Dotonbori in Shin Osaka Area

Dotonbori in Shin Osaka, Osaka, Japan


Approximate latitude and longitude: 34.6684° N, 135.5018° E


Dotonbori is a popular tourist destination in the Shin Osaka area of Osaka, Japan. It is known for its vibrant nightlife, delicious food, and unique shopping experiences. The area is named after the Dotonbori canal, which runs through the center of the district. The canal is lined with neon lights and billboards, creating a colorful and lively atmosphere.

Things to Do

  • Try the famous Osaka street food, including takoyaki (octopus balls), okonomiyaki (savory pancakes), and kushikatsu (deep-fried skewers).
  • Take a stroll along the canal and admire the colorful billboards and neon lights.
  • Shop for unique souvenirs and gifts at the many stores and markets in the area.
  • Visit the iconic Glico Running Man sign, a symbol of Osaka and a popular photo spot.
  • Experience the nightlife by visiting one of the many bars, clubs, and karaoke establishments in the area.

How to Get There

Dotonbori is easily accessible by train. The closest station is Namba Station, which is served by several lines including the Midosuji Line, the Yotsubashi Line, and the Sennichimae Line. From Namba Station, it is a short walk to the Dotonbori area.


Dotonbori is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Osaka. With its delicious food, unique shopping experiences, and vibrant nightlife, there is something for everyone in this lively district.