Lotus Pond in Niaosong District Area

Lotus Pond Guide - Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Located in the Niaosong District area of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, Lotus Pond is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and those who want to experience the beauty of Taiwan's culture and traditions.


Lotus Pond is situated in the Zuoying District of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Its approximate latitude is 22.6802° N and longitude is 120.3077° E.


Lotus Pond is famous for its stunning scenery, which includes temples, pagodas, and pavilions. Some of the most popular attractions in Lotus Pond are:

  • Spring and Autumn Pavilions
  • Duantian Park
  • Dragon and Tiger Pagodas
  • Confucius Temple
  • Wuli Pavillion
  • Yuandi Temple


Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities in Lotus Pond, such as:

  • Taking a boat ride to enjoy the stunning scenery
  • Exploring the temples and pagodas
  • Taking a leisurely stroll around the pond
  • Attending cultural events and festivals

Food and Drink

There are plenty of food and drink options near Lotus Pond, including local street food and traditional Taiwanese cuisine. Some of the most popular dishes are:

  • Braised pork rice
  • Beef noodle soup
  • Bubble tea
  • Stinky tofu


Lotus Pond is a beautiful and culturally-rich destination that offers visitors a unique experience. Whether you're interested in nature, culture, or food, there's something for everyone at Lotus Pond.