Top 10 things to do in Jocheon Area

  1. Hallasan National Park
    2070-61 1100-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju, South Korea
    Hallasan National Park is a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers. The park contains the tallest mountain in South Korea, Mount Hallasan, as well as numerous hiking trails, waterfalls, and scenic views.
  2. Jeju Stone Park
    2812-4 Bijarim-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju, South Korea
    Jeju Stone Park is a unique outdoor museum that showcases the geological history of Jeju Island. Visitors can explore the park's collection of volcanic rock formations, caves, and sculptures, as well as learn about the island's cultural heritage.
  3. Jeju Waterworld
    19-15 Bijarim-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju, South Korea
    Jeju Waterworld is a popular water park that features a variety of water slides, pools, and rides. Visitors can also enjoy the park's hot springs and sauna facilities.
  4. Jeju Teddy Bear Museum
    31 Jungmungwangwang-ro110beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju, South Korea
    Although not located in Jocheon, the Jeju Teddy Bear Museum is a must-visit attraction for anyone visiting Jeju Island. The museum features an extensive collection of teddy bears from around the world, as well as exhibits on the history of teddy bears and their cultural significance.
  5. Jeju Herb Garden
    2844-5 Bijarim-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju, South Korea
    The Jeju Herb Garden is a beautiful botanical garden that features a wide variety of herbs, flowers, and plants. Visitors can stroll through the garden's charming pathways and enjoy the fragrant scents of lavender, rosemary, and other herbs.
  6. Jeju Horse Park
    2841-1 Bijarim-ro, Jocheon-eup, Jeju, South Korea
    Jeju Horse Park is a unique attraction that allows visitors to ride and interact with Jeju's famous native horses. The park offers horseback riding lessons, guided tours, and other activities for all ages.
  7. Udo Island
    Udo-ri, Jeju-si, Jeju, South Korea
    Although not technically in Jocheon, Udo Island is a popular day trip destination for visitors to Jeju Island. The island is known for its pristine beaches, scenic hiking trails, and fresh seafood.
  8. Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak
    284-12 Ilchul-ro, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju, South Korea
    Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most iconic landmarks in Jeju Island. Visitors can hike to the top of the peak for panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and the famous Seongsan Sunrise Peak.
  9. Jeju Folk Village Museum
    631-34 Minsokhaean-ro, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju, South Korea
    The Jeju Folk Village Museum is a fascinating open-air museum that showcases traditional Jeju Island architecture and culture. Visitors can explore the village's thatched-roof houses, stone walls, and cultural exhibits, as well as participate in hands-on activities like pottery-making and traditional games.
  10. Jeju Jungmun Resort
    100 Jungmungwangwang-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju, South Korea
    Jeju Jungmun Resort is a sprawling luxury resort complex that features multiple hotels, restaurants, golf courses, and other amenities. Visitors can enjoy the resort's beautiful beaches, gardens, and cultural attractions, as well as its world-class spa and wellness facilities.