Konpira-san Shrine in Kagawa Prefecture

Konpira-san Shrine

Konpira-san Shrine, also known as Kotohira-gu, is a Shinto shrine located in the town of Kotohira in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. The shrine is dedicated to the god of the sea and seafaring, and has been an important pilgrimage site for sailors and fishermen for over 1,000 years.

The shrine is located at approximately 34.1889° N, 133.8178° E.


The origins of Konpira-san Shrine date back to the 9th century, when a Buddhist monk named Gyoki discovered a natural spring in the area. The spring was believed to have healing powers, and a shrine was built to honor the deity of the sea, Konpira.

Over the years, the shrine grew in popularity and became a major pilgrimage site for sailors and fishermen. In the 17th century, a grand staircase with 785 steps was built to allow visitors to reach the main shrine at the top of the mountain.

Visiting the Shrine

Visitors to Konpira-san Shrine can climb the grand staircase to reach the main shrine, or take a cable car for a more leisurely ascent. Along the way, there are numerous smaller shrines and temples to explore, as well as beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

The main shrine is a large, ornate building with intricate carvings and decorations. Inside, visitors can offer prayers and wishes to the deity of the sea, and purchase charms and amulets for good luck and protection.

Other Attractions

Aside from the shrine itself, there are many other attractions in the town of Kotohira. The town is known for its traditional crafts, such as lacquerware and pottery, and there are many shops and galleries where visitors can purchase these items.

There are also several museums and cultural centers in the town, including the Kanamaruza Kabuki Theater, which has been in operation since the 18th century.


Whether you are a sailor, a history buff, or simply looking for a beautiful and unique cultural experience, Konpira-san Shrine is definitely worth a visit. With its stunning natural setting, rich history, and fascinating cultural attractions, it is a true gem of Kagawa Prefecture.