Kotohira-gu Shrine in Kagawa Prefecture

Kotohira-gu Shrine

Kotohira-gu Shrine, also known as Konpira-san, is a Shinto shrine located in the town of Kotohira in the Kagawa Prefecture of Japan. The shrine is dedicated to the god of seafaring and maritime safety, and has been a pilgrimage site for sailors and fishermen for centuries.

The shrine is situated on the slopes of Mount Zozu, and consists of several buildings and structures, including a main hall, a treasure hall, and a theater. Visitors must climb a long series of stone steps to reach the main hall, which is located at the top of the hill. Along the way, there are several smaller shrines and temples to visit.

One of the most unique features of Kotohira-gu Shrine is the Kanamaru-za Theater, which is the oldest surviving Kabuki theater in Japan. The theater was built in 1835, and is still used today for performances during the spring and autumn festivals.

Another interesting attraction at the shrine is the Omote-sando shopping street, which is lined with traditional shops selling souvenirs, snacks, and local specialties. Visitors can try local delicacies such as sanuki udon noodles, or purchase souvenirs such as wooden charms and amulets.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can also hike to the top of Mount Zozu, which offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The hike takes approximately two hours and is quite steep in places, but the views are well worth the effort.

Overall, Kotohira-gu Shrine is a fascinating and beautiful destination that offers a glimpse into Japan's rich cultural heritage. Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or simply looking for a unique and memorable experience, Kotohira-gu Shrine is definitely worth a visit.

Latitude: 34.1889

Longitude: 133.8170