1. Visit Ise Jingu Shrine

    Address: 1 Ujitachicho, Ise, Mie 516-0023, Japan

    The Ise Jingu Shrine is one of the most important Shinto shrines in Japan and is dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu. The shrine complex consists of over 100 buildings and is surrounded by a beautiful forest. Visitors can participate in various rituals and ceremonies, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the shrine.

  2. Explore the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route

    Address: Multiple locations

    The Kumano Kodo is a network of pilgrimage routes that lead to various shrines and temples in the Kii Mountains. The trails offer stunning views of nature and provide a unique cultural experience. Visitors can choose from a variety of routes, including the Nakahechi, Kohechi, and Iseji routes.

  3. Visit the Suzuka Circuit

    Address: 7992 Inocho, Suzuka, Mie 510-0295, Japan

    The Suzuka Circuit is a famous racetrack that hosts the Japanese Grand Prix and various other motorsport events. Visitors can take a tour of the circuit, visit the museum, and even drive on the track themselves. The circuit also offers go-karting and other activities for visitors.

  4. Relax at the Toba Aquarium

    Address: 3-3-6 Toba, Mie 517-8517, Japan

    The Toba Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in Japan and is home to over 1,000 species of marine life. Visitors can watch dolphin and whale shows, see penguins and sea lions up close, and even touch some of the animals. The aquarium also has a large outdoor area with a sea turtle pool and a shark tank.

  5. Visit the Iga-ryu Ninja Museum

    Address: 117 Uenomarunouchi, Iga, Mie 518-0873, Japan

    The Iga-ryu Ninja Museum is dedicated to the history and culture of the ninja. Visitors can learn about the ninja's weapons and tactics, watch demonstrations of ninja skills, and even try their hand at shuriken throwing. The museum also has a ninja house with secret passages and traps.

  6. Explore the Ise-Shima National Park

    Address: Multiple locations

    The Ise-Shima National Park is a beautiful natural area that includes the coast, islands, and forests. Visitors can hike through the park, relax on the beaches, and enjoy the local seafood. The park also has several hot springs and traditional ryokan inns.

  7. Visit the Yokkaichi Port Building

    Address: 2-1 Minatocho, Yokkaichi, Mie 510-0076, Japan

    The Yokkaichi Port Building is a unique structure that resembles a ship. Visitors can go to the top floor for a panoramic view of the city and the port. The building also has a restaurant and a souvenir shop.

  8. Experience the Nabana no Sato Illumination

    Address: 270 Komae, Nagashima, Kuwana, Mie 511-1144, Japan

    The Nabana no Sato Illumination is a spectacular light show that takes place every winter. Millions of LED lights illuminate the gardens and create a magical atmosphere. Visitors can also enjoy various food stalls and shops.

  9. Visit the Matsusaka Castle

    Address: 1-1 Tonomachi, Matsusaka, Mie 515-0081, Japan

    The Matsusaka Castle is a reconstructed castle that dates back to the 16th century. Visitors can explore the castle grounds, learn about the history of the castle and the region, and enjoy the view from the top of the castle tower.

  10. Relax at the Shima Spain Village

    Address: 333-3 Ugata, Agocho, Shima, Mie 517-0502, Japan

    The Shima Spain Village is a theme park that is modeled after a Spanish village. Visitors can enjoy various rides and attractions, watch flamenco shows, and taste Spanish food. The park also has a hotel and a hot spring.