Abashiri Brewery in Abashiri

Abashiri Brewery Guide

Located in the coastal city of Abashiri in Hokkaido, Japan, the Abashiri Brewery is a must-visit destination for beer lovers. Founded in 1998, the brewery is known for its unique and flavorful brews that are made using only the finest local ingredients.


The Abashiri Brewery is located at approximately 44.0172° N, 144.2738° E in Abashiri city, Hokkaido, Japan.


The brewery produces a variety of beers, each with its own distinct flavor and character. Some of the most popular brews include:

  • Abashiri Red Brick Ale: A smooth and malty ale with a rich caramel flavor.
  • Abashiri Drift Ice Amber Ale: A medium-bodied ale with a crisp, refreshing finish.
  • Abashiri Blue Beer: A unique and refreshing beer made with seaweed extract, giving it a slightly briny taste.

Tours and Tasting

The Abashiri Brewery offers tours and tastings for visitors who want to learn more about the brewing process and sample the different beers. The tours typically last about an hour and include a visit to the brewery, a tasting session, and a souvenir glass to take home.

Gift Shop

The brewery also has a gift shop where visitors can purchase bottles of their favorite beers, as well as other souvenirs and merchandise.


If you're a beer lover visiting Hokkaido, be sure to add the Abashiri Brewery to your itinerary. With its unique brews, tours, and tastings, it's a destination that's sure to please.