Harimaya Bridge in Kochi

Harimaya Bridge Guide

Harimaya Bridge is a historic bridge located in the Kochi city of Kochi, Japan. The bridge spans over the Shimanto River and is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful views and rich history.


The Harimaya Bridge was first built in 1579 by a samurai named Tosa Yamauchi. It was originally constructed as a wooden bridge and was used as a means of transportation for people and goods across the river. However, the bridge was destroyed several times due to floods and other natural disasters.

In 1903, the bridge was rebuilt using iron and was named Harimaya Bridge. It was used for both transportation and as a place for merchants to sell their goods. The area around the bridge became a bustling market, with vendors selling a variety of products including fish, vegetables, and traditional Japanese crafts.


Today, the Harimaya Bridge is a popular tourist spot and is known for its stunning views of the river and surrounding landscape. Visitors can walk across the bridge and take in the beautiful scenery, as well as learn more about the history of the bridge and the surrounding area.

The area around the bridge is still a popular market, with vendors selling a variety of souvenirs, snacks, and other goods. Visitors can also enjoy traditional Japanese street food and other local delicacies.


The Harimaya Bridge is located in the Kochi city of Kochi, Japan. The approximate latitude and longitude of the bridge is 33.5596° N, 133.5311° E.


The Harimaya Bridge is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the Kochi city of Kochi, Japan. Its rich history, stunning views, and bustling market make it an exciting and interesting place to visit.