Sakurabashi Bridge in Toyama

About Sakurabashi Bridge

Sakurabashi Bridge is a historic wooden bridge located in the city of Toyama, Japan. The bridge was originally built in 1879 and was reconstructed in 2006. It spans the Shogawa River and connects the eastern and western parts of the city.

The bridge is known for its beautiful cherry blossom trees that bloom in the spring, hence the name "Sakurabashi" which means "Cherry Blossom Bridge" in Japanese. The bridge is a popular spot for locals and tourists to take photos and enjoy the scenery.

The bridge is approximately located at 36.6954° N, 137.2131° E.

Things to Do and See

Aside from admiring the cherry blossom trees, there are many other things to do and see around Sakurabashi Bridge:

  • Visit the nearby Toyama Castle and explore its grounds
  • Take a stroll along the Shogawa River and enjoy the scenery
  • Visit the Toyama Municipal Folk Museum and learn about the history and culture of Toyama
  • Try some local cuisine at one of the many restaurants in the area

How to Get There

Sakurabashi Bridge is easily accessible by public transportation:

  • Take the Toyama Chihou Railway (Takaoka Line) to Sakurabashi Station and walk for about 5 minutes
  • Take a bus to Sakurabashi Bus Stop and walk for about 2 minutes
  • Drive and park at the nearby parking lots