Matsuyama Botanical Garden in Matsuyama

If you're a nature lover, the Matsuyama Botanical Garden is a must-visit destination in the Matsuyama city of Ehime, Japan. This garden is home to a wide variety of plants, flowers, and trees, all of which are beautifully displayed and well-maintained. Whether you're looking for a peaceful place to relax or a fun place to explore with your family, the Matsuyama Botanical Garden has something for everyone.

Location and Hours

The Matsuyama Botanical Garden is located at 4102-5 Isaniwa-cho, Matsuyama, Ehime 790-0004, Japan. Its approximate latitude and longitude are 33.8455° N, 132.7754° E. The garden is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day except for Mondays and December 29 to January 1.


The admission fee for the Matsuyama Botanical Garden is 510 yen for adults, 210 yen for high school and college students, and 150 yen for children. There are also discounts available for groups of 20 people or more.

What to See and Do

One of the highlights of the Matsuyama Botanical Garden is its collection of cherry blossom trees, which bloom in the spring and attract visitors from all over the world. But there's plenty to see and do here year-round, including:

  • Walking through the various gardens, each with its own theme and atmosphere
  • Visiting the greenhouse, which features a wide variety of tropical plants
  • Exploring the forest area, which has hiking trails and a small waterfall
  • Relaxing by the pond, where you can feed the fish and turtles
  • Learning about traditional Japanese gardening techniques at the teahouse

There's also a gift shop and a restaurant on site, so you can take home a souvenir or enjoy a meal while you're here.

Getting There

The Matsuyama Botanical Garden is easily accessible by public transportation. You can take a bus from Matsuyama Station or the city center, or you can take a taxi. If you're driving, there's a parking lot available.

Overall, the Matsuyama Botanical Garden is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit in Ehime, Japan. Whether you're a nature lover or just looking for a fun and relaxing day out, this garden is definitely worth a visit.