About Lake Ashi

Lake Ashi, also known as Ashinoko, is a scenic lake located in the Hakone city of Kanagawa, Japan. It is situated in the crater of Mount Hakone and is surrounded by mountains, including Mount Fuji. The lake is approximately 725 meters above sea level and has a surface area of 7.5 square kilometers. The approximate latitude and longitude of Lake Ashi are 35.2156° N, 139.0524° E.

Things to Do

  • Take a sightseeing cruise on Lake Ashi to enjoy the scenic views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The cruise boats are modeled after pirate ships and offer a unique experience.
  • Visit Hakone Shrine, which is located on the shores of Lake Ashi. The shrine is famous for its torii gate, which is located in the lake and appears to be floating on the water.
  • Take the Hakone Ropeway, a cable car that offers stunning views of the lake and Mount Fuji. The cable car takes you to the Owakudani area, where you can see sulfur vents and hot springs.
  • Go hiking in the mountains around Lake Ashi. There are several hiking trails that offer breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding scenery.
  • Relax in one of the hot springs in the Hakone area. The hot springs are known for their therapeutic properties and are a popular attraction for tourists.

Getting There

Lake Ashi is located in the Hakone city of Kanagawa, Japan. The nearest airport is Tokyo Haneda Airport, which is approximately 90 kilometers away. From Tokyo, you can take the Shinkansen bullet train to Odawara Station and then transfer to the Hakone Tozan Railway to reach the Hakone area. From there, you can take a bus or taxi to Lake Ashi.

By Train:

From To Travel Time
Tokyo Station Odawara Station 35-50 minutes (depending on train type)
Odawara Station Hakone-Yumoto Station 15-20 minutes
Hakone-Yumoto Station Lake Ashi 30-40 minutes by bus or taxi