Owakudani in Hakone, Kanagawa, Japan

Owakudani is a volcanic valley located in the Hakone city of Kanagawa prefecture in Japan. It is situated approximately at latitude 35.2447° N and longitude 139.0176° E.

What is Owakudani?

Owakudani, also known as the "Great Boiling Valley," is a volcanic valley that was created around 3,000 years ago by the eruption of Mount Hakone. It is famous for its hot springs, geysers, and most notably, its sulfurous fumes that rise from the ground.

Exploring Owakudani

One of the best ways to explore Owakudani is by taking the Hakone Ropeway, which offers a stunning view of the valley as it ascends to the top of the mountain. Once at the top, visitors can walk around the various observation decks and take in the breathtaking views of the volcanic landscape.

Another popular activity at Owakudani is eating black eggs, which are boiled in the sulfurous hot springs. Legend has it that eating one of these eggs will add seven years to your life!

There are also several hiking trails in the area, which allow visitors to explore the valley on foot and get up close to the various geysers and hot springs.

Getting to Owakudani

Owakudani is easily accessible by public transportation. Visitors can take the Hakone Tozan Railway from Hakone-Yumoto Station to Gora Station, and then transfer to the Hakone Ropeway, which will take them directly to Owakudani.

Overall, Owakudani is a unique and fascinating destination that offers visitors a glimpse into the raw power of nature. Whether you're interested in hiking, hot springs, or just taking in the stunning views, Owakudani is a must-see destination in Japan.