Kumamoto Castle in Kumamoto

Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle is a historic castle located in the city of Kumamoto, Japan. It is one of the most impressive and well-preserved castles in Japan, and is a popular tourist destination for visitors from around the world.


The castle was originally built in 1467 by the samurai warrior, Ideta Hidenobu. Over the centuries, it has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, most recently after sustaining significant damage during the Satsuma Rebellion in 1877. Today, the castle is a testament to the resilience and determination of the people of Kumamoto.


Kumamoto Castle is a massive complex that covers over 20 acres. The castle is surrounded by a moat and several layers of walls and gates, which were designed to protect the castle from attackers. The main keep of the castle is a six-story structure that offers stunning views of the surrounding city and countryside.

Visiting Kumamoto Castle

Visitors to Kumamoto Castle can explore the castle grounds and learn about the history and architecture of the castle through exhibits and guided tours. The castle is open to the public every day from 8:30am to 5:00pm, and admission is 800 yen for adults and 400 yen for children.


Kumamoto Castle is located in the heart of Kumamoto city, at approximately 32.8030° N, 130.7079° E.


Kumamoto Castle is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Kumamoto, Japan. With its rich history and impressive architecture, it is a testament to the resilience and determination of the people of Kumamoto.