Imari Okawachiyama in Saga

Imari Okawachiyama Guide

Imari Okawachiyama is a small town located in the Saga city of Saga, Japan. It is famous for its traditional pottery and ceramics that have been produced here for over 400 years.

The approximate latitude and longitude of Imari Okawachiyama are 33.2714° N, 129.8536° E.

Things to Do

  • Visit the Imari Okawachiyama Ceramics Museum to learn about the history of pottery in the town and see some beautiful examples of traditional ceramics.
  • Take a pottery workshop and try your hand at making your own piece of Imari pottery.
  • Explore the town's narrow streets and alleyways, which are lined with small shops selling pottery and other traditional crafts.
  • Visit the Okawachiyama kiln, where you can see the traditional firing process for Imari pottery.
  • Take a hike up nearby Mount Kurokami for stunning views of the town and surrounding countryside.

Where to Eat

  • Try some local specialties like Imari udon (thick noodles) or Imari beef at one of the town's many restaurants.
  • Visit one of the town's tea houses for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.
  • Stop by a local bakery for some delicious sweet treats like anpan (sweet bread filled with red bean paste) or castella (a type of sponge cake).

Where to Stay

  • There are a few traditional Japanese inns (ryokan) in Imari Okawachiyama where you can experience a traditional Japanese-style room and meals.
  • There are also a few hotels in nearby Saga city if you prefer more modern accommodations.

Overall, Imari Okawachiyama is a charming and picturesque town that is well worth a visit for anyone interested in traditional Japanese crafts and culture.