Hot air balloon ride over Bagan in Bagan

Hot Air Balloon Ride over Bagan in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Bagan, Myanmar from a unique perspective with a hot air balloon ride over the ancient city. Bagan is an archaeological zone in Mandalay, Myanmar and is home to over 2,000 temples and pagodas. The hot air balloon ride offers a bird's eye view of this stunning landscape.

The hot air balloon ride takes place during sunrise, which is the best time to see the temples and pagodas in all their glory. The balloons are launched from a field just outside the city and rise above the trees and buildings to provide a panoramic view of Bagan.

The ride lasts approximately one hour, during which time you will see stunning views of the temples and pagodas, as well as the Irrawaddy River and the surrounding countryside. The pilot will also provide information about the history of Bagan and the temples and pagodas that you are seeing.

The hot air balloon ride is operated by several companies in Bagan, all of which have experienced pilots and safety measures in place. The cost of the ride varies depending on the company, but generally ranges from $300 to $400 per person.

If you are planning a trip to Bagan, a hot air balloon ride is a must-do activity. It is a unique and unforgettable experience that will provide you with an unparalleled view of this ancient city.

The approximate latitude and longitude of Bagan is 21.1662° N, 94.8607° E.