Top 10 things to do in Temerloh

  1. Hiking at Bukit Gambang Resort City

    Address: Bukit Gambang Resort City, 26300 Gambang, Pahang, Malaysia

    Take a break from city life and enjoy nature at Bukit Gambang Resort City's hiking trails. With beautiful scenic views and fresh air, this activity is perfect for those who love the outdoors.

  2. Exploring Taman Negara National Park

    Address: Taman Negara, Kuala Tahan, 27000 Jerantut, Pahang, Malaysia

    Experience the beauty of Malaysia's oldest and largest national park. With over 4,000 square kilometers of rainforest, visitors can go on guided tours, jungle trekking, and even visit the indigenous tribes.

  3. Visiting the Elephant Sanctuary

    Address: Kuala Gandah, 28500 Lanchang, Pahang, Malaysia

    Get up close and personal with elephants at the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary. Visitors can witness the elephants being bathed and fed, and even ride them through the jungle.

  4. Water activities at Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park

    Address: Sungai Klah, 36000 Sungkai, Perak, Malaysia

    Cool off from the heat at Sungai Klah Hot Springs Park. With pools, water slides, and even a lazy river, this park is perfect for families and friends looking for a fun day out.

  5. Shopping at Temerloh Mall

    Address: Jalan Ahmad Shah 1, Taman Sri Bahagia, 28000 Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia

    Shop till you drop at Temerloh Mall. With a wide range of stores and restaurants, visitors can spend hours browsing and dining at this popular shopping center.

  6. Discovering the beauty of Sungai Lembing

    Address: Sungai Lembing, 26200 Sungai Lembing, Pahang, Malaysia

    Take a trip back in time and visit the charming town of Sungai Lembing. Known for its historic tin mines and scenic views, visitors can go on guided tours, visit the museum, and even watch the sunrise from Panorama Hill.

  7. Relaxing at Tanjung Lumpur Beach

    Address: Tanjung Lumpur, 26080 Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

    Escape the city and unwind at Tanjung Lumpur Beach. With soft sand and calm waters, visitors can sunbathe, swim, and even enjoy a picnic by the sea.

  8. Learning about traditional Malay culture at Pusat Kraftangan Batik Terengganu

    Address: Jalan Tok Muda Abdul Aziz, Kampung Baharu, 28000 Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia

    Discover the art of batik and other traditional Malay crafts at Pusat Kraftangan Batik Terengganu. Visitors can watch demonstrations, attend workshops, and even purchase handmade souvenirs.

  9. Indulging in local cuisine at Restoran Nasi Kandar Haji Tamrin

    Address: Jalan Ahmad Shah 1, Taman Sri Bahagia, 28000 Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia

    Taste the flavors of Malaysia at Restoran Nasi Kandar Haji Tamrin. This popular restaurant serves up delicious dishes such as nasi kandar, roti canai, and mee goreng, all at affordable prices.

  10. Experiencing the thrill of white water rafting at Sungai Kampar

    Address: Sungai Kampar, 31750 Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia

    Get your adrenaline pumping with white water rafting at Sungai Kampar. With rapids ranging from class 1 to 3, visitors can enjoy a thrilling adventure while admiring the beautiful scenery.