Top 10 things to do in Kota Belud

  1. Mangrove River Cruise
    Address: Kampung Sumangkap, Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia
    Description: Enjoy a scenic boat ride through the lush mangroves of Kota Belud. Along the way, you'll spot various wildlife such as proboscis monkeys and monitor lizards.
  2. Tamu Besar Kota Belud
    Address: Jalan Tamu, Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia
    Description: Experience the local culture at one of Sabah's biggest open-air markets. You'll find a variety of handicrafts, fresh produce, and traditional food.
  3. Mount Kinabalu
    Address: Kinabalu Park, Kundasang, Sabah, Malaysia
    Description: Take on a challenging hike up Southeast Asia's highest peak. Along the way, you'll encounter stunning views and diverse flora and fauna.
  4. Tanak Nabalu Homestay
    Address: Kampung Kiau, Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia
    Description: Immerse yourself in the local culture by staying with a host family. You'll learn about traditional customs, taste local cuisine, and participate in daily activities.
  5. White Water Rafting
    Address: Kiulu River, Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia
    Description: Brave the rapids of Kiulu River for an adrenaline-pumping adventure. You'll navigate through Class I to III rapids while taking in the scenic views.
  6. Kawa-Kawa River Cruise
    Address: Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia
    Description: Glide through the calm waters of Kawa-Kawa River and witness the beauty of the surrounding mangrove forests. You might even spot some fireflies at night!
  7. Paragliding
    Address: Mount Kinabalu, Kundasang, Sabah, Malaysia
    Description: Soar through the skies and take in the breathtaking views of Mount Kinabalu. No experience is required as you'll be guided by a professional instructor.
  8. Tambatuon Village
    Address: Tambatuon Village, Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia
    Description: Visit a traditional Kadazan-Dusun village and learn about their way of life. You'll get to try on their traditional attire, taste their local delicacies, and witness a cultural performance.
  9. Kota Belud Horse Festival
    Address: Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia
    Description: Join in the annual horse festival where you'll witness horse races, cultural performances, and traditional food. It's a lively event that's not to be missed!
  10. Island Hopping
    Address: Mantanani Island, Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia
    Description: Explore the crystal-clear waters of Mantanani Island and its surrounding islands. You'll get to snorkel, swim, and sunbathe on the pristine beaches.