Guimaras Provincial Capitol in Guimaras Island

Guimaras Provincial Capitol

Located in the center of the Guimaras Island city of Guimaras, Philippines, the Guimaras Provincial Capitol is a must-visit destination for tourists. It is approximately located at 10.5918° N, 122.6215° E.


The Guimaras Provincial Capitol was built in the early 1900s during the American colonial period. It was originally used as the headquarters of the Insular Constabulary, a paramilitary police force established by the US government. After the Philippines gained independence, the building was converted into the provincial capitol of Guimaras.


The Guimaras Provincial Capitol boasts a neoclassical design, with its white façade and columns. It has a spacious courtyard and a grand staircase leading to the entrance. The building has been well-preserved and maintained, giving visitors a glimpse of the island's rich history and culture.

What to See and Do

Aside from admiring the architecture of the building, visitors can also explore the surrounding area. The capitol is situated in the heart of the city, making it a convenient starting point for sightseeing tours. There are several notable landmarks nearby, such as the Guisi Lighthouse and the Trappist Monastery.

How to Get There

The Guimaras Provincial Capitol is easily accessible by public transportation. Jeepneys and tricycles are available from the port or airport to take you to the capitol. Alternatively, you can also rent a motorbike or bicycle to explore the island on your own.


The Guimaras Provincial Capitol is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the history and culture of Guimaras Island. Its neoclassical architecture and central location make it a great starting point for exploring the city. So, don't miss the chance to visit this iconic landmark on your next trip to Guimaras!