Kalibo Cathedral in Caticlan / Malay

Kalibo Cathedral

Kalibo Cathedral, also known as St. John the Baptist Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic church located in the city of Kalibo in the province of Aklan, Philippines. It is situated approximately 68 kilometers away from Caticlan/Malay, the gateway to Boracay Island.


The church was established in 1581 by Spanish friars, making it one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. It was originally made of bamboo and nipa, but was later reconstructed using more durable materials such as stones and bricks.


The church's architecture is a mix of Baroque and Romanesque styles. Its façade is made of coral stones and features intricate carvings and reliefs. The bell tower, which stands separately from the main church building, is also made of coral stones and has a unique octagonal shape.


Inside the church, visitors can see a beautiful altar made of marble and adorned with gold leaf. There are also several paintings and sculptures depicting scenes from the life of Jesus Christ and other saints.


Kalibo Cathedral is the center of religious activities in Aklan. The most popular event held here is the Ati-Atihan Festival, which is celebrated every January in honor of the Santo Niño. The festival is known for its colorful costumes, lively music, and street dancing.


The approximate latitude and longitude of Kalibo Cathedral is 11.7059° N, 122.3702° E.

How to Get There

Kalibo Cathedral is located in the heart of Kalibo, Aklan. From Caticlan/Malay, visitors can take a bus or van to Kalibo. The trip takes approximately 1-2 hours. Once in Kalibo, the church is just a short walk from the town center.


Kalibo Cathedral is not only a religious landmark, but also a cultural and historical treasure. Its unique architecture and rich history make it a must-visit destination in Aklan.