Visit Khao Kho Wind Farm in Khao Kho

Visit Khao Kho Wind Farm

If you're looking for a unique and exciting experience in Thailand, look no further than the Khao Kho Wind Farm in the city of Phetchabun. Located in the northern part of the country, this wind farm is a marvel of modern engineering and a testament to the power of renewable energy.

The Khao Kho Wind Farm is situated on a hilltop, providing stunning views of the surrounding countryside. You can see for miles in every direction, taking in the lush green forests, rolling hills, and crystal-clear lakes that make this region so special. The approximate latitude and longitude of the wind farm is 16.9000° N, 101.2500° E.

The wind turbines themselves are an impressive sight to behold. Towering high above the landscape, they spin gracefully in the wind, generating clean, renewable energy for the people of Thailand. There are 24 turbines in total, each capable of producing up to 2.5 megawatts of power.

Visitors to the Khao Kho Wind Farm can take a guided tour of the facility, learning about the history of wind power and the technology that makes it possible. You'll have the opportunity to see the turbines up close and even climb inside one to get a better look at the inner workings.

After your tour, be sure to visit the on-site cafe for a refreshing drink and a bite to eat. You can enjoy your meal while taking in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Overall, a visit to the Khao Kho Wind Farm is a must for anyone interested in renewable energy, modern technology, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature. Don't miss out on this unique and unforgettable experience!