Iligan City

Welcome to Iligan City, a vibrant and exciting destination in Lanao del Norte, Philippines. Known as the "City of Majestic Waterfalls," Iligan City boasts of over 20 waterfalls scattered throughout the city, including the famous Maria Cristina Falls, which supplies hydroelectric power to the entire Mindanao region. Aside from its natural wonders, Iligan City is also rich in culture and history, with landmarks such as the St. Michael's Cathedral and the Timoga Cold Springs showcasing the city's heritage. Foodies will also love Iligan City's local delicacies, such as the famous lechon baboy and pastel, a sweet pastry filled with yema. Adventure-seekers can also enjoy activities such as river trekking, zip-lining, and white-water rafting in the nearby Agus River. And with its friendly locals and bustling night markets, Iligan City offers a truly immersive experience for any traveler. So come and discover the beauty and excitement of Iligan City, where nature, culture, and adventure converge in one unforgettable destination.