Camiguin, the island born of fire, is a hidden gem in the Philippines that is waiting to be discovered by adventurous travelers. This small island is packed with natural wonders, from its seven volcanoes to its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters that are perfect for diving and snorkeling. Visitors can hike to the top of Mount Hibok-Hibok, an active volcano that offers stunning views of the island, or explore the island's many waterfalls, including the majestic Katibawasan Falls and the refreshing Tuasan Falls. For those seeking a more relaxed pace, Camiguin also offers hot springs, cold springs, and even a sunken cemetery that is perfect for a unique photo opportunity. The island's rich history is also evident in its many historical landmarks, such as the Old Spanish Church and the ancestral houses that line the streets of the charming town of Mambajao. And of course, no trip to Camiguin would be complete without sampling the island's delicious cuisine, which includes fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and local delicacies such as the famous Vjandep pastel. Overall, Camiguin is a must-visit destination for travelers who are seeking adventure, natural beauty, and a taste of the Philippines' rich culture and history.