Mount Pinatubo in Tarlac

Mount Pinatubo

Mount Pinatubo is an active volcano located in the Tarlac city of Tarlac, Philippines. Its approximate latitude is 15.1427° N and longitude is 120.3492° E.


Mount Pinatubo erupted on June 15, 1991 after more than 600 years of dormancy. The eruption was one of the largest in the 20th century and caused widespread damage to nearby towns and cities. It also had a significant impact on global climate, lowering temperatures by about 0.5 degrees Celsius for several years.

Visiting Mount Pinatubo

Despite its history of eruption, Mount Pinatubo has become a popular tourist destination in recent years. Visitors can hike to the crater lake, which is now a popular swimming and camping spot. The hike takes about 2-3 hours each way and can be challenging, but it offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Mount Pinatubo is by hiring a tour guide or joining a tour group. The tour typically includes transportation from Manila to Tarlac, a 4x4 ride through the rugged terrain, and a guided hike to the crater lake. It is important to note that the hike is not recommended for those with health issues or physical limitations.

Tips for Visiting

  • Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes for the hike.
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks.
  • Apply sunscreen and wear a hat to protect from the sun.
  • Bring a change of clothes if you plan to swim in the crater lake.
  • Respect the environment and do not leave any trash behind.


Mount Pinatubo is a fascinating destination for anyone interested in nature and history. Despite its violent past, it has become a symbol of resilience and recovery. A visit to Mount Pinatubo is a reminder of the power and beauty of nature.