One night in Bangkok….

One night in Bangkok….


I recently had the opportunity to spent a week with two childhood friends from New York who came to visit me in Thailand. I’m posting a number of different articles about our adventures, but this article is about our overnight stay at the Tower Hotel at lebua in the “Hangover Suite” (3 Bedroom Luxury suite) on the 55th floor. It is called the “Hangover Suite” because the lebua Dome restaurants were featured in the movie Hangover II, and the movie cast spent considerable off camera time there. It deserves to be called that because of just how fantastic a time you can have in it.

First of all, the place is huge. I know you are thinking…just how big can a hotel room be? Well…huge! The overall suite is 266sqm (2800sqf). That is as big as your average 4 BR house in America. When you walk in, you can see a large open layout with a huge living room with couches and a large screen TV, a dining room with seating for at least 8, and a full size kitchen with a breakfast bar that seats 3-4. Behind the kitchen there is a large antiroom with a full size washer and dryer for doing laundry. The 3 bedrooms are off each side of the living room space. Each bedroom alone is the size of a typical hotel room with a king bed. The main bedroom has its own bathroom with a large bathtub and separate shower. The other two bedrooms share an attached bathroom with a shower. There is a third guest bathroom at the entrance of the suite. Tucked behind the master bathroom is another bonus room, either a huge closet/wardrobe or possibly an office…or both.

img_5605sOne of the best features of this place was the views. On the 55th floor you can really see an incredibly beautiful slice of Bangkok. The hotel sits very near the river on the end of Silom. The views during the day are great, but at night with the city lights it gets even better. The suite actually had 4 separate balconies that you could step out on and enjoy the fresh air. Two of the bedrooms, the living room, and the dining room all had their own 12 foot wide by about 8 foot deep balconies with large slider door access.

img_5609sThe hotels offers a package they call the “Hangover Experience”. The suite is as I describe, but it includes a large spread of food and desserts when you arrive, along with a complimentary full minibar of drinks that you can burn through each and every day you stay. To get you in the mood for your crazy Bangkok adventure with your buddies, the Hangover suite is decorated with large canvas prints from the movie Hangover II. If you are trying to create an adventure for yourself to rival the one from the movie, starting out with a night at the lebua is highly recommended.

img_5617sThis suite can sleep 6 people just in the bedrooms, but you could definitely get away with something like 8-9. With such a huge place, hosting a party for a good number of people is certainly a possibility. Or setting out with just a few buddies, and making some new friends while out for the evening that you might invite over for the after-party or even to stay the night is another possibility.

img_5633sOur adventure started with a nice nap. Being that this was day 3 of our week in Thailand, we had already had a few late nights (do you still call it a late night if it’s light out when you get home?) After checking into the suite and running around exploring it like a new house, we picked our rooms and spent a few hours recharging our batteries. The beds feature amazing luxury linens and you can choose from like 9 different types of pillows (goose down, memory foam, etc). The hardest part of the afternoon nap is prying yourself out of the bed when its time to get up and get ready for a night out.

We managed to get out of the room by early evening and went up to the rooftop sky bar first. This was featured in the Hangover II movie and it was pretty neat seeing it in person. The bar is round and has a 4 foot wide catwalk all around it that sort of hangs over the edge of the hotel (65th floor). There was a safety net down below the guardrail which I’ll bet the hotel staff rescues not a few cameras and cell phones from. After the obligatory round of drinks and pictures of the amazing nighttime skyline, we were off to see what kind of trouble we could find in Bangkok.


The rest of the story is unfortunately redacted. It suffices to say that we had a blast and everyone made it home without facial tattoos or anything that needed antibiotics or any other medical treatment. And hey! We found a monkey!!!

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