Isaan by Motorbike – Day 4

Isaan by Motorbike – Day 4

Day 4 –
I woke up naturally and went for a tour around the town. I used one of the maps that the TAT ladies had given me. It had a cycle route around the town which would take in all of the famous temples and buildings in the town. I was very surprised to once again find a couple of Christian churches here. They looked very out of place to me.

Isaan Tour - Northeast Thailand Isaan Tour - Northeast Thailand
Isaan Tour - Northeast Thailand motorbike_travels_day_four_4
motorbike_travels_day_four_5 Isaan Tour - Northeast Thailand

There are so many beautiful little temples and colonial buildings there, days would not have been enough time.

motorbike_travels_day_four_7The ferry port and the style of the ferry reminded me where I actually was. I was in the middle of hillbilly no-where jungle territories looking at the developing country of Laos across the river. The ferry would not pass any safety tests at all. It was a wonder it floated at all. Then when it docked in at the “pier” I was amazed the drivers of the trucks would actually drive across the dilapidated metal frame that stopped them from taking a dive into the river.

I cruised around for a while then the time just ran away from me. I had to make a move to the next place of temporary residence.

Isaan Tour - Northeast ThailandJust before I got on my way to Bueang Kan I stopped for some petrol. The owner of the petrol station was also the very proud owner of a 1200 CC BMW touring bike. It looked more like a lounge chair on wheels. Really really big, maybe 350 kg and over 100 BHP. Second hand it cost more than my girlfriend’s new car. Around 800,000 baht. I tried to make a trade of my bike for the owners, for some reason he declined my offer.

The bike is so big it has a reverse gear for parking. The new model also has a mechanised stand. Mental, it really is a beast.


I’ve put a couple of pictures of one of the many fish farms that I saw along the way. Not like anything I had seen before. Well I thought they were interesting. 😉

On On. Then stopping again, I saw a small temple and pulled in. I was minding my own business taking photos of the Cheddi, when the local nut job walks up. He wants to take a photo with my camera, no problem. He eventually clicks the button and proves that he is no David Baily. Then he asked me to take a photo of him. I accepted.

He returned to his bicycle and lit his one and only cigarette, the one he saves for special occasions. Isaan Tour - Northeast ThailandPosing after drawing his immense shorts up under his armpits – it became apparent that this is his side of the camera. After the photo shoot he cracked my knuckles then gave me some sort of massage. To my shock he then held out his hand for his wages. I looked through the pocket with the least amount of change and give him 20 baht. He looked disappointed but took the cash anyway. Soon after he scurried away when he noticed the local police were watching his actions. Little bugger.

Note: Story author is Steven Noake.

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