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The Hard Sell – Getting too much?

The Hard Sell

Khao San Road (KSR), never offers up a “day of rest”, so last Sunday I was not surprised to see the usual carnival of Saturday night Sang Som bucket refugees parading up and down the strip.

However, I was astounded and pucking fissed off at the increase in not only the number of Non-Thai hawkers along KSR, but also their overly aggressive ‘sales pitches.’

Whether Non-Thai merchants should be allowed there or not is another story, but what is definitely not needed is their intimidating and sometimes hostile “bazaar’ remarks aimed at passersby out for fun, not confrontation.

How has this been allowed to happen?

Without exaggeration, it is literally like running a gauntlet of “hey my friend, a new suit for you…or hey beautiful a new dress for you” again and again. I ask you, how many 20 something year old shirtless guys or bikini top girls wearing cargo pants are exactly out shopping for a new suit or dress on KSR?
KSR is a crossroads for new arrivals and those leaving the kingdom, where friendships are made, everyone can chill out, and visitors can enjoy Thai hospitality and have fun with the Thai merchants and food sellers…not suffer a constant barrage of insults from disgruntled Non-Thai hawkers.

Action is needed to help our friendly hosts reclaim KSR as a Thai only fun loving merchant area, so the next time you are offered a new suit or dress along KSR by a Non-Thai hawker, go ahead and respond with a simple “Out” and enjoy the moment of doubt and bewilderment left on his face.

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Rezan from CANADA writes: "Hello All THAI CITIZENS... We wonder so many fun loving people in Thailand, but very hard to find hotel that pets friendly. PLEASE ALLOW DOGS FOR PARTY TOO..... Thanks!

Spider Replied: "This is a tough one, i have never heard of any dogs being allowed to stay in hotels. the only advice i could give, is to try to email some smaller guesthouses. Allowing your dog to stay in beach accommodation is more likely."

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