General Articles About Khao San Road

Short Film Shot at Gazebo

Here’s something of interest to people who know Khao San Road… A trailer for “Reactions” starring and directed by Erik Markus Schuetz … He asked to film the movie at Gazebo Club Khao San Road and it will be shown at all the International Film festivals. Other than that, it’s a bit of a mystery! This is his bio page on IMDB, which oddly enough doesn’t enough doesn’t mention his stunts in Kill Bill – wish we could tell you more… Looks pretty good though…

Look Daddy – a Shopping Mall!

Although Buddy Lodge is certainly not a shopping mall, with local building restrictions, it’s as close as you will get on Khao San. Venturing into the building, there’s a general sense of this being a world within a world. Everything you can find on Khao San is there – the silver shops, accommodation, the bar – but it’s all a notch up market and there’s a very distinct feel of smooth professionalism about the place. There seems to be a problem with parking though – there’s a number of classic motorcycles abandoned throughout the building. (more…)