Things to do

What to do in Kanchanaburi Province.

Bridge over River Kwai and dinner in Kanchanaburi


The Bridge over River Kwai

A trip to see the "Bridge over River Kwai" in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. The bridge is interesting and there are many other things to do in the surrounding area. ksr-kanchanaburi-thailand-february-1-2013-3-other-moments-1-of-5 ksr-kanchanaburi-thailand-february-1-2013-3-other-moments-1-of-5-1 Floating Restaurants! ksr-kanchanaburi-thailand-february-1-2013-3-other-moments-1-of-5 ksr-kanchanaburi-thailand-february-1-2013-3-other-moments-1-of-5

Sunset dinner

A great sunset and dinner on the water makes for a perfect day. ksr-kanchanaburi-thailand-february-1-2013-3-other-moments-1-of-5-1 Fried whole snakehead fish spicy mango salad.