Then and Now: That’s a really big snake! (Bangkok Snake Farm)

Then and Now: That’s a really big snake! (Bangkok Snake Farm)

Bangkok Snake Farm Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute

(or สวนงู สถานเสาวภา สภากาชาดไทย)

Kids are fearless.  These two just had to hold the snake by themselves, much to the shock and surprise of the other people around and the snake handlers as well.  This snake farm is a nice place for a little educational nature visit.  It is right in downtown Bangkok, but you wouldn’t know it once you enter the ground.  Many many varieties of snakes  and other reptiles are on display, along with an assortment of other small animals.   They have regular demonstrations of tapping the venom of some of the poisonous types.  These large Burmese pythons are not venomous at all (although they could probably snap a neck pretty easily).

girls holding big snake

We aren’t scared!

During a recent trip to Thailand we “retook” some pictures that we had taken about 10 years earlier. Great fun! I think they were more scared doing it as adults.  Kids are fearless!

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