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Royal Checkup at BNH

arrivalIn late April, 2012 I spent a day at BNH hospital getting a Royal Checkup.  This very thorough examination includes x-rays, ultrasound, a physical exam, full blood and fluids analysis, along with a thorough cardiac workup involving an active stress test.  BNH offers this comprehensive exam at a special price of 17,900 baht.  Other less extensive checkup options are available at prices of 3,900 baht and 6,900 baht.

I arrived at the hospital at 9am.  It was surrounded by a construction fence because of all the work being done remodelling the building exterior.  The interior was undergoing the same treatment in various spots.  The emergency entrance was being used as a general entrance on a temporary basis, but probably by now the construction is finished and things are back to normal.  BNH has been in operation since 1898, but has evolved into one of the most advanced modern hospitals operating in Bangkok today.