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Khao San Road Southern Ranong, Thailand
Ranong, Thailand PDF Print E-mail
Southern Thailand
Ranong, Thailand
Ranong, Thailand
Ranong, Thailand
Ranong, Thailand
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Ranong is a province located on the western coast of south Thailand. Located 568 kilometres from Bangkok, is next to the Myanmar border, and many people cross from Ranong into Myanmar. However, Ranong is an area of intense natural beauty, and there are many reasons to pause here for awhile. Indeed, many visitors plan to stop over for the night and extend their stay for several days.

Ranong Province is known for having the highest rainfall of all Thailand and its rainy season lasts for about 8 months, as apposed to three or four months of relatively light rainfall in much of the rest of the country. This means that the rest of the year Ranong is particularly beautiful, blessed with waterfalls, sun kissed islands, pristine national parks and unspoiled mangrove forests.

Affirmed as a national park in 1983, Laem Son National Park should be top of the list for visitors to Ranong Province as it contains more than 20 pretty islands, mangrove swamps, birds, fish, deer and monkeys. Key attractions in the park are Hat Bang Ben, which is particularly good for swimming, the friendly island of Koh Phayam and Koh Kam Yai, where you can camp or stay in a beach bungalow. Koh Kam Yai is a great place to stay if you like snorkelling, while you can watch sea turtles lay their eggs on the beautiful beach of Hat Praphat.

Another area of natural beauty is the Khlong Phrao National Park, which is near the pretty waterfall known as Namtok Ngao and the Ngao Mangrove Forest Research Centre. Also worth exploring are the Punyaban Falls, which are a good place to swim after trekking through the forest.

With only 18 homes on the entire island, Koh Chang is a very peaceful island just waiting to be explored, while the Ranong Mineral Hot Springs are revered for their sacred water, which is believed to have healing powers and is certainly a great place to ease aching muscles after a day or two of exploring.

The live-aboard diving trips offered in this area offer a new type of experience to people who love diving and snorkelling, while you can climb to the top of Khao Fa Chi for an excellent view of the area.



0 #2 lovediving 2012-01-12 20:14
Ranong is also a great departure place for diving holidays. While many dive centers from phuket can offer interesting liveaboard trips to the Similian island, making it a great, but quite busy destination, companies based in Ranong can offer short and long trips to Surin island and Burma (Mergui archipelago). Cruising between beautiful deserted islands is already a must see but diving it takes it to a whole new level. no an other dive boat at sight, you'll be able to see weird and wonderful critters. I recommend the smiling seahorse, with the most confortable vessel. more info at
0 #1 bo boers 2011-10-11 21:00
:D ranong south before the entrance of laemson national park is the wasana resort with bungalows up from 300b. and ac/tv/wi fi 600b.from there you can explore the free beach and rain forest or mangroves the owner have also boattrips to island if you like silence and beautiful nature then yhis is the place!

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