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Khao San Road Travel Articles Thailand General Articles about Thailand Speak Thai - Basic Greetings and Phrases
Speak Thai - Basic Greetings and Phrases PDF Print E-mail
General Articles about Thailand
Speak Thai - Basic Phrases

Thai language, like other languages, is very difficult to learn to speak fluently. invites you to learn enough to get by, help yourself in an emergency, and get better acquainted with local Thai people. Check out these phrases.





 Hello / Good Morning Sawadee krup (male) kaa (female)
Never Mind Mai pen rai.
Thank You Kop khun (krup/kaa)
How are you? Sabai dee mai?
Fine, thanks. Sabai dee.
I cannot speak Thai. Phoot Thai mai dai.
Please speak more slowly. Phrohd phoot cha-cha.
I don't understand. Mai kao chai.
Do you understand? Kao chai mai?
May I take a photograph? Tai ruup dai mai?
May I use the telephone? Kor chai torasap mai?
Where is the restroom? Hong nam yoo ti nai?
How much does it cost? Nee tao-rai (krup/kaa)?
What is this? Nee arai?
Very expensive. Paeng maak.
Do you have something cheaper? Mii tuuk gwaa nee mai?
The bill please. Gep taang (krup/kaa).
Goodbye. La gon.
See you again. Laew phob gan mai.
Pleased to meet you. Dee jai thee dai phob gan.
Happy New Year! Sawadee bi mai!
Happy Birthday! Sooksan wan gerd!
Good luck! Kor hai chok dee!
Sorry / excuse me. Kor thoad.
Does anyone speak English? Mee krai pood pasa angrit dai bang mai?
I need a doctor. Tong karn more ma raksa.
I want to go... Yaak ja bai...
Where is...? Yuk nai?
Turn left. Leeo sai.
Turn right. Leeo kwaa.
Straight Ahead. Trong bai.
Stop here. Yuut tee nee.
Slow down. Cha-cha.
Be careful! Ra wang!
Airport. Sanam bin.
Bus Station. Satanee rot mae.
Railway Station. Satanee rot fai.
Police Station Satanee tum-ruat.
Hotel. Rong-raeum.
Embassy Sa-tantoot.
Hospital Rong-payabaan.
Post Office. Prai-sanee.
Market. Dalaat.

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