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Chiang Mai 
Ok, your in the Chiang Mai and you want to shop, well hold on until evening time when you can find some of the best priced and attractive wares on offer in Thailand. Be it a fake Rolex, a new suit or genuine hand crafted silver ware you can find it here. Its close to the hotels, internet cafes, bars, dating back centuries to a time when the Lanna kingdom reigned and it was an important trading point between the Chinese border and the Burmese seaports.

If your idea of heaven is finding that knock off DVD, Thai silk, clothing, perfumes or even fried insects you really need go no further. An important thing to remember is that this market is a playground for the haggler, the person prepared to negotiate a lower price. As a general rule the price first given is about the double which would be acceptable. There is no offending the store holder (within reason) so feel free to crack a cheeky smile, offer a ridiculously low price and then walk on if refused, there are plenty more goods and stores on offer.

Even if you have no intent to buy (or no money!) it really is worth a stroll around to sample some of Chiang Mai's living history.
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